Our Footprint

A Management Consultant with a focus on promoting best practices through training and consultancy to encourage Innovation and upgrading for competitive advantage. 

Our Vision  

Equity and respect for humanity and environment

Our Mission

Promote environment friendly sustainable development through effective and efficient best management practice

Our Values

Compassion      Consider the needs and feelings of others in our actions

Humanity          Recognize strengths and need for interdependence

Responsibility   Being accountable for our actions in its impact on the environment

Integrity               Being truthful and act with honesty and friendship

Sincerity              Understanding and treating each other with respect

Togetherness     Working with others to bring equitable benefits to society

Inspiration         Use the gifts of education to influence others through knowledge sharing

Ambition           Live to serve humanity for the greater glory of God

Need                    Believe in the need for the mercy and compassion of God


Our Carbon Footprint.

Planted 6,000 rubber trees in a land area of 30 acres creating a typical rainforest atmosphere . What was earlier bear mountainous shrub land, now give employment to local villagers, absorbing thousands of tons of CO2  whilst stopping soil erosion.

Working on the design and production of systems for efficient and eco friendly use of fuel using locally available material .

Promote the use of eco-friendly material and methods such as Neem, Moringa (Murunga) and Glirilcedia as fertilizer, natural food supplements and pesticides.

Developed a multimedia based interactive English training course and management systems programme.

Promote and assist in setting QMS, EMS and ISMS for businesses


“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.  – Cree Prophecy –

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Management Profile

IT and Management Consultant with experience in engineering, management, marketing and training with an approach based on developing key elements of processes, people and implementation to deliver sustainable added value,

Providing consultancy and training in quality – QMS ISO 9000, information – ISMS ISO 27000, environment – EMS ISO14000, Presentation skills, Strategic Management, Communication, Language, IT and Export marketing…

Programs on strategic management, Leadership, Customer focused marketing, Team management, Productivity, Communication and presentation are developed by bringing management, marketing and IT experience from leading organizations in the UK, Canada and Japan among others to give companies a global vision and competitiveness.


Management Consultant Profile –  Merrick Peiris –

Management Experience

International experience in  corporate Communications, Human resource development, quality management, exports, marketing, productivity, Telecommunications engineering  Information systems development and IT management. 10 years consultancy experience in the UK and 10 year in Sri Lanka, travelled on work assignments in Japan, Ireland, Germany, Canada, France, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and India.


Sri Lanka Red Cross Executive Director – Communications, Principles and Values
(RedMo Printing Press –CEO)

Facilities and Administration Manager Colombo – Bureau Veritas,  Industry
Head of operations in Sri Lanka,

IT-Management Consultant/Director
Merlin Unitel (Pvt) Ltd.

Assignments including Telecommunications consultancy to McKinsey & Company Inc. Tokyo,  EDI in Sri Lanka for international trade, JIT and Marketing . Management Consultancy, training, public seminars and workshops on IT, operational and strategic management. Developed IT based educational training system. Organised exhibitions in Paris, Nuremberg and Sri Lanka for export promotions and established new major accounts for clients.


General Manager –  Cupid Exports Ltd

With overall responsibility for all operations, introduced systems for productivity improvements, training, marketing, planning, re-organization, implementation of export procedure and materials management and JIT manufacturing with IT investment. Increased overall production capacity by 30% through improved productivity.


Blueline Telecommunication Consultants Ltd (UK).

Corporate videoconferencing system specification, installations project management of an international network, for McKinsey & Co, Inc.  London. Successful planning and implementation of communication network and OA systems for corporate relocation. Structured IT cabling system design implementation and facilities management on several medium to large installations.


Eosys Ltd (UK) – Senior Consultant

Plessey Systems (UK) – Principal Engineer/Team Leader

Mitel Telecom (UK) – Senior Design Engineer

Additional experience and interests:  Development of Navigational equipment, Surface heater systems, Image intensifiers, and hospital instrumentation. Established an Art Gallery (Arlen) to promote “Sri Lankan Art”.   The Rotary club of Colombo Central, Past President,  and Rotary advisor Interact clubs, Youth, vocational services director and club Secretary.



BSc -Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Brunel University, UK

MBA – Henley Management College
Brunel University, UK