I’s and E’s of Entrepreneur Leadership

Dec 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Management

Are people born to be good leaders or could they be trained? Is there a link between successful entrepreneurship and effective leadership?

Getting talented people to become successful entrepreneurs take a lot more than just theoretical learning about business management.  Entrepreneurs are driven by passion that generates successful enterprises resulting in bringing greater benefits to society as a whole.

iE or “ideas to Entrepreneur” is based on the concept of a  Hands-on approach entrepreneur and leadership development.  Some of the subtle differences and links between the terms leaders and managers, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen, as well as strategies and plans can be highlighted through the attributes of  I’s and E’ s.
“Leaders make strategies and communicate while managers plan and execute.”

Effective Leaders have the ability to

Inspire through Vision
Influence others to follow (efficiency)
Instill discipline towards a Mission
Inculcate Values
Inform direction ( Communication)

While Efficient Managers

Enhance Value (Develop systems)
Enable teams to do things the right way (efficiency)
Ensure reaching targets (Monitoring)
Execute systems (Effectiveness)
Empower others to take responsibility

Entrepreneurs have the ability to

Innovate through new ideas concepts
Invent new services and systems
Involve others in new thinking markets
Initiate new enterprises taking risks
Identify niche opportunities

While Businessmen

Establish new business through existing concepts
Enhance profits through added Value
Explore opportunities with existing businesses
Exploit resource advantages through new markets
Express needs to bring change

Strategies consider

How the future looks like (Vision)
What is our future role (Mission)
Why (Principles and Values)
What , When  and Where (Objectives)

Plans consider

What we have and where we are (SWOT)
Where we need to be (Targets)
How to get there (road map)
What we need  and the Way to achieve ( Monitoring)

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